Searching - that is going out from old stocks and wanting to find what is already known in the new.

Finding - that is the completely new.

The new also in movement. All paths are open and what is found is unknown.

It is a risk. A holy adventure.

(Pablo Picasso)

On that note...


Barbara Ries, systemischer Coach, Trainerin, Personalentwicklerin

My name is Barbara Ries, I am passionate about people development, coaching and training and I am very happy that you´ve landed on my website.


On this website you will first get an overview of my most important personal values and inner convictions that drive and guide me. The portfolio page shows you how I can support you with coaching and training and on the page of my blog, I will then take you on a journey through different topics, inspired by my surroundings and friends and share my thoughts with you. 


To give you a small insight into my values and thoughts, I would like to start with the explanation why I have chosen the quote/poem from Pablo Picasso.


Over the last few years this poem has become my life motto, as I am convinced that we should focus more often on finding than searching. But how do I come to this conviction?


The whole life, we humans are constantly searching for very individual things, such as happiness, success, the meaning of life, the right job, the right partner, etc.


However, very often the following happens during the search:

  • We walk through life with blinders on and are so focused on our supposed goals that we don't realize which beautiful options and possibilities life offers us on the way which "only" want to be found.
  • We strive for things because they seem socially desirable, but do not correspond to our inner attitude and convictions.
  • etc.

What all these points have in common is the focus on the missing, the imperfect, the lost. Unfortunately, this form of search doesn´t lead to happiness, success, job, partner etc. Instead, frustration and inner dissatisfaction often take place.


But what can we actively do to turn searching into finding?

  • Reflection: First of all, it is important to confront and reflect ourselves with our deepest needs. This provides us a solid starting point.
  • Acceptance: In order to actively and consciously shape our lives in our own sense, it is important that we acknowledge, respect and accept our needs in all their forms.
  • Openness: In order to consciously perceive the signposts of life, we need the mental and emotional openness for new, unknown or even unusual things.
  • Trust: And when we have decided the right path, we need trust! Confidence that the path will become clearer step by step.

Surely "searching" itself is not wrong, but it is the balance we should try to find. As the quote says: It is the dose which makes the poison.


With this in mind, I now invite you to browse through my website!


And if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let me know!



Barbara Ries

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Here you can find my personal blog. All of my articles are inspired by my environment. Therefore the blog consists of different topics and does not follow one direction. I hope you enjoy reading and reflecting!